Talking Points Memo No. 3 August 10, 2017

Tom Hebert, August 15, 2017 Four important things have recently come our way: First, we have two new RPCV volunteers. Meredith Mahachi, (Malawi, 2013) will be working on a formal neighborhood assessment to help locate PCH in the most relevant Washington community. And Cassidy Whitson, (Zambia, 2016-2017) will be working on fundraising. Second, joining 167 other RPCV organizations, our application for an NPCA Affiliate Group membership was accepted and went before the NPCA board in July where it found approval….

Talking Points Memo No. 2 September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016 Pleased to report that there may be some good news that could move Peace Corps House towards reality. Because an essential collaboration is taking shape. Possibly. But first, it’s obvious that one purpose of this website was to stir the pot, to put some energy and recognition into Peace Corps House, to keep it alive. Because last spring it got caught in the horse latitudes where progress got stalled — a couple of my own navigational errors…

Talking Points Memo No. 1 August 15, 2016

From the home page’s Purpose: “If realized, Peace Corps House will be a settlement house. . .” To this end, let’s think of this page as a digital Greek agora, originally the chief marketplace of Athens, the center of the city’s civic life and now defined as any place of popular political assembly. Here we can debate, hash it out, mix it up, carry on about the possibility of establishing in Washington D.C. a settlement house under a flag, “Peace Corps House: Social Services,…

Peace Corps House is also an Affiliated Group of the National Peace Corps Association.

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