Original Peace Corps House Proposal Team


Much of the important contents of the original January 2016 Concept Paper binder with its myriad pages, was a team effort. I wish to thank the following for their valuable help, particularly with the Concept Paper, the Job Description/Prescription for an executive director, and the letters of project support. As in all such Acknowledgements, the chief author here, Tom Hebert, assumes all responsibility for errors of fact, interpretation, and/or discernment.

Jane Addams, founder, Hull House, Chicago, 1889, 1931 Nobel Peace Prize
M. Ascienzo, National Peace Corps Association advocacy staff
Emily Burns, deputy chief of staff, Congressman John Garamendi
Glenn Blumhorst, president, National Peace Corps Association
John Coyne, RPCV and founder of Peace Corps Worldwide.org
Ginna Fleming, former DC government official and Peace Corps staffer
Dennis Grubb, NPCA board of directors
Debby Hanrahan, RPCV, political activist and Washington resident
John Hanrahan, former Washington Post reporter and local activist
Chuck McConnell, NPCA board of directors
Rick Nitti, executive director, Neighborhood House, Portland, Oregon, 1905
Chris Robinson, president, RPCVs of Washington, DC
Irma Rodriguez, executive director, International Federation of Settlement Houses and Neighborhood Centers
Gerald Schwinn, RPCV, Washington resident and political activist
Craig Schwinck, RPCV and founder of the Press Café, Republic of Georgia
Michael Zisser, president board of directors, International Federation of Settlement Houses and Neighborhood Centers, and CEO of New York City’s University Settlement, the largest group of Houses in the world with a total staff of nearly 900 and a combined budget of more that $50 million, 1886.

Many thanks to Carrie Hessler-Radelet, director of the Peace Corps who, from the outset, appreciated the concept of Peace Corps House and graciously gave it her encouragement. See her comments of March 11 in Letters of Support.

Tom Hebert, volunteer coordinator of Peace Corps House.


Peace Corps House is also an Affiliated Group of the National Peace Corps Association.

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