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“A core group makes a commitment to working together, to build bonds of trust, to learn from one another, and to undertake specific actions and projects for the community.”
— Four Worlds Center for Development Learning, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

John Coyne, RPCV and founder of Peace Corps Worldwide.org suggested that . . .
Alana DeJoseph, RPCV and current Peace Corps documentarian, would know a very good website developer. She did . . .
Kelsey Marsh, RPCV and this website’s developer. And then . . .
David Freeman, stepped up with the first donation to Peace Corps House which funded this website. And . . .
New Designs For Growth, Traverse City, Michigan, provided the charming image for Peace Corps House’s preliminary logo. We found it in their very relevant Development Guidebook under Creating New Neighborhood Centers.
Irma Rodriguez, executive director, International Federation of Settlement Houses & Neighborhood Centers in New York City, is the principal mentor to the concept of Peace Corps House and thus this website. She helped connect us to . . .
Lindsay Perry and Susan Stampler of United Neighborhood Houses of New York, kindly made available several of the settlement house photographs shown here.
As did Jake Link of Manny Cantor Center which is a member of United Neighborhood Houses of New York and is located on East Broadway in Manhattan.
Add in Elizabeth Cuebas at Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, Brooklyn, NY, another member of United Neighborhood Houses of New York.
Rick Nitti, executive director of Neighborhood House, Portland, Oregon also came through with excellent photographs.
Those settlement house organizations surely present fine working examples of settlement house activities and programming with children’s programs, adult education classes, organizing and advocacy and better and healthier living and community initiatives, and more.
Tom Hebert, volunteer coordinator of Peace Corps House, is thankful to all.

Peace Corps House is also an Affiliated Group of the National Peace Corps Association.

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